Platform review: Decisive

Platform review: Decisive

I think it won’t be much to say that anyone who ran online advertising campaign tried a mobile campaign. Big advertising companies shifting their budgets to mobile devices and the majority of the affiliate networks almost dished a side any desktop campaign, focusing mobile CPI offers. On the other hand, we have tens of different mobile DSPs (platforms) springing up like mushrooms after the rain with nothing new to offer.

It’s not new to an experience marketer that all of the DSPs sharing the same inventory, trading between themselves with RTB protocols and buying from the same supply providers al just cutting their serving fees. All that left for us the marketers to do is to choose the platform that giving us the best tools for automatic and manual optimization along with best UX to act in instant to bring our campaign to maximum performance and margins.

Decisive is yet another DSP buying and trading from other supplies but in compare to other platforms who runs as blind networks, it using the RTB protocols to be as much transparent as they can, to the platform’s users. In additional the fact you can actually know where (traffic bulks) you run, they have pretty decent tools to help marketers to reach their performance goals.


If you will take a quick look on the image below, you will see the real time report Decisive offers for an account holder. You can optimize and blacklist in instant, considering results, any OS or OS version, in-app or web-mobile traffic, Gender, States, traffic categories and basically any information that they receive while bidding on the impressions for you.


One of the most powerful optimization tools Decisive has to offer is the “Learning Groups”. The learning groups feature allows any user to save any previous bids, targets and optimization into learning groups and applied them on any future campaign. This basically helping us to pass the hardest hurdle with mobile DSPs: high volume sources that leeching our budgets before taking any optimization actions or working wasted hours on bringing our campaigns to a level we already been with our latest 10 campaigns.

If you are buying your media on CPM (CPM, CPC and Smart CPM is available in the platform) method you will be able to see in real time the actual numbers of impressions, wins & bids (auctions) the platform tried to buy for you. This tool will help you understand what the position of your bid according to the campaign’s targets you have set.

Decisive learning group

Although, I didn’t even touch based in this blog with Decisive’ features nor working methods, I’ll definitely recommend this less-familiar platform, above other mobile giants. You can read more and open your account in their official website:

Michael Baz

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  1. Journeyman
    August 18, 2015 at 9:19 am

    Hi, DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS HOW TO avoid fake traffic from decisive or in general? I tried decisive but 200$ is not even enough to filter bad placements. It’s sad when you trace back referrer info and see that your ads are being rotated in blank pages by some automatic scripts.

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